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Receive top-dollar payouts for jewelers bench sweep dust containing gold, silver, platinum and other precious metals.

When jewelers want to sell their bench sweep dust, they rely on our team at Precious Metals Reclaiming Service for top dollar value and fast compensation. Discover what makes us America’s go-to destination for selling jewelers bench dust. Request a no-risk, no-obligation quote for your jewelers scrap today.

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    Sell to Seasoned Precious Metals Buyers. We’ve Been Purchasing Jewelers Bench Sweep Dust For over 70 Years.

    Sell your jewelers bench sweeps dust directly to the processor. In doing so, you can avoid agents, resellers and other middlemen that take a piece of your profit. When you sell your gold, silver or platinum dust to us, you can expect an accurate quote, quick payment and full value. These core features of our service have kept our family in business since 1945.

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